The Discreet Dialogue Network

Birgit Bachler

A building on the corner of a street.

The Discrete Dialogue Network is a telephony-based communication network for leaving anonymous voice messages to strangers in public space. This network proposes an alternative to the flatness of common online social networks. It is a medium that works outside the business of profile pictures, status updates and “Like”-buttons.

People can connect by leaving anonymous voice messages in public space and listen to what has been previously recorded. A sticker showing a unique number serves as the link between a location and a voicemail box. When calling, a person has access to all previously left messages, and can record their own voice message.

The network has been originally developed at the Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam, NL. For Space : Network : Memory I propose to create a site-specific/NZ version of the Discrete Dialogue Network which I would bring in to the session for discussion.

After having done lots of research on alternative/emergency networks here in NZ,
I am actually pushing my project very far towards the site-specific version being a really autonomous communication network, messaging system – especially after having witnessed the earthquake in Wellington and eager to get rid off all possible dependencies towards vulnerable infrastructures.

di4lo9 is an autonomous self-contained communication network for leaving anonymous messages in public space.  Anyone with a capable WiFi device is able to log onto the di4lo9-network, but only those in possession of a di4lo9-code can read earlier messages and leave their own.

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