Club Six

Club Six
29th July, 2017
The Manor
23 Clark St, Dunedin

A man tinkering with devices. A laptop and musical devices. A room of people. A man turning dials on devices. A man playing music to a crowd. A man looking intently at a laptop. A window with posters on it. A woman playing music and singing. Silhouettes of people. A woman turning dials on a machine. A man standing in a projection. Two people making music. A woman holding a microphone. A man standing next to a speaker. Two women making music. Two women singing to a crowd. A large sign saying club six. A man on a stage. Someone playing music with light projections around a room. Light projections on a stage. A sheet over a window.
Photos: Jon Keyzer

Video: Liam Hoffman

Beginning in the afternoon, The Manor will present a selection of experimental, electroacoustic, and close listening sound events. As the sun sets, the space will transform and “Club Six” will emerge. The sound environment will shift to a space where movement is encouraged. Engaging within our home, artists will present a variety of projects with an emphasis on collaboration through, sound, image, material, and process.


A Reverent Circuit (ARC)
The improvising performer is aware of an observer. The observer can leave, move, or wait. The performer is on a stage, a designated domain, they cannot hear or see what the observer receives. They interpret and collaborate, with the space, audience, and other performers. ARC is a constructed environment, two tiers will separate the performers and observers, they are physically removed from each other. The performer defines the sonic space, is focused and collaborative. The observer is present and enabled, within this space, to define their own awareness, to be comfortable to move, and position themselves according to subjective preference. An emphasis of attention should fluctuate and flow between these domains, and ultimately not be a dominion of either. A Reverent Circuit will be the opening piece for The Manor’s Storm Channels event.

Karl Leisky and Leben Young
A/V artist Leben Young and musician Karl Leisky, will collaborate for Storm Channels on an installation based performance. Generating a live soundtrack through a variety of non-traditional “sound objects” accompanying a video presentation, they will form a dialogue between the objects, their photographic representation and acoustic potential.

Samuel Longmore
Sam Longmore is an artist and electronic musician residing in Auckland. His work deals with sound in relation to architecture, and geographic theories of space, place and body. For Storm Channels, Sam will present a set of electronically edited and arranged field recordings made primarily in Dunedin in the winter of 2012.

Waterfalls is the pop project of Wellington musician Amber Johnson. The music of Waterfalls equally values the comfort of beauty, melody and the exhilaration of unsettling timbres. Densely layered flutes, processed vocals, analog synthesizers and mesmerizing rhythms are enlisted for her explorations of genre hybridity and emotional intimacy. She is excited to bringing her sound to The Manor and will be presenting a new collaboration with Lady Lazer Light.


3rd Space – fluxus/redux
Continuing a long-running practice, artist Simon Kong explores spatial & temporal sonics by creating overlapping layers of sound in space. With a deep interest in multi-channel sound and decentralised experiences the .3rd Space is an ad hoc method of deploying experimental soundscapes anywhere.

Le Tre Arterie
Comprising three singles from forthcoming album ‘Dark Artery’ by Embedded Figures, Le Tre Arterie is an audiovisual collaboration between Embedded Figures and Ducklingmonster. Each track corresponds to a video, produced by Ducklingmonster. The videos are loosely based on Dario Argento’s Le Tre Madri trilogy, with each video having a central anonymous female figure possessing a different architectural setting. The video content mixes footage of Embedded Figures performing live with footage sourced from a public archive of mid-century educational and industrial film. In the live iteration of Le Tre Arterie, Embedded Figures and Ducklingmonster will open up the heart of Club Six at The Manor with an expanded cinema projection and a bass-heavy sonic collaboration of Embedded Figures compositions.

Sans Def
Presenting a 4ch mix of contemporary techno rhythms & textures. Sans Def is the latest dj moniker of Simon Kong. From the original school of rave, his dj practice spans 20yrs of underground music and dance culture.

Back on Track
Sibling duo Hannah and Fin Wall have been performing together since 2014. Motivated to get Dunedin’s dance scene “Back on Track” they have been playing carefully selected records across the city on a semi-regular basis since forming. With an attention to detail and an appreciation for the art of Djing, they deliver a techno sound that is unique and hard hitting. Back on Track represent part of an underground techno revival currently happening across Aotearoa “BOT SQUAD- watch your back”.

Danny Creature
Danny Brady is a musician in bands Elan Vital and Death and the Maiden. Danny Creature will deliver a mix of acid-infused dance tracks to Club Six.

Raving since 2003. Does more dancing than talking.

Since 2015 The Manor has been hosting events in central Dunedin. With an interest in forms of sound ranging from Techno to Noise, the unique residential location has been a welcome addition to Dunedin’s DIY community. Documentation of previous events can be viewed at: