Connect Here

Martin Hill & Reuben Pohamara present their artwork

Connect Here responds to the question “How do we connect with the places we inhabit?” This work represents a practice-based research journey where we have reflected on our personal connections with the notion of ‘place’, and supported the reflections of others on this question.

This research required us to look deeply at our own connections, not only with places but with the people that we encounter. As well as speaking with our family, friends and colleagues, we have organised small scale engagements with students at Kedgley Intermediate. These have helped us to understand the concept and create content for our interactive artefact.

We have found that the strongest connection one might have with a place is through the people that one experiences that place with. Our piece of digital art demonstrates that theory by allowing the viewer to interact and connect with us through our personal collection of images and sounds from places that have importance to us.



Over the past few months, Martin and Reuben have been creating their piece titled Connect Here. They pose the question, “How do we connect with the places we inhabit?” After a semester of research and development, they have attempted to answer this with an interactive artwork.