Michele Leggot
With Joel Rickerby, Anthony Low, Lee Ralph and Yonel Watene
30th July, 2017
Savoie de LACY
285 Ravensbourne Rd, Dunedin

Photos: Jon Keyzer

Video: Liam Hoffman

Workx79 refers to Rihanna’s hit song Work, in which she says “work” 79 times. The exhibition is concerned with digital tools and processes that have become ubiquitous today. The exhibition features work by poet Michele Leggot, as a digitally made vinyl cut-out (designed by Yonel Watene), Christchurch-born, Dunedin-based artist Joel Rickerby, Anthony Low and Yonel Watene.

SAVOIE de LACY is an alternative gallery, studio space and community initiative created by Yonel Watene in March 2016. The gallery is tasked with finding alternative formats to present art outside of traditional norms. Throughout the years, the storefront building located at 285 Ravensbourne Road has functioned as a dairy, butchery and second-hand store. Watene and his partner Roberta Francis live behind SdL.