Never Been To Tehran

A diagram of a laptop with a mouse and other components.


Global participation from
James Charlton from NZ

2 weeks

Time Frame

Key Locations
Parkingallery, Tehran, Iran
Caravansarai, Istanbul, Turkey
San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, San Francisco, USA
Media and Interdisciplinary Arts Center, Auckland, New Zealand
Koh-I-Noor, Copenhagen, Denmark
Mess Hall, Chicago, USA
Pittsburgh Cultural Trust (Downtown Electronic Jumbotron), Pittsburgh, USA
Embryosalon, Berlin, Germany

Flicker, Web cam, laptop, vodem, video glasses, custom built helmet. Software in MAX MSP

Using secondhand clues as firsthand research materials, invited worldwide contributors–who have Never Been to Tehran–will take photographs (from their home base) of what they imagine Tehran to look like. Contributors will upload their photos daily to an on-line photosharing site, which will be projected as a slideshow simultaneously in galleries and public spaces around the world (including Tehran).

Each pairing of images were shot simultaneously via a custom built helmet. The helmet houses a small video screen that brodcast realtime web casts of Iranian television to the left eye while a camera mounted over the right eye records the current location. The web casts are streamed to a laptop via a vodem ( which provides web access via the cellular newtork. The wearer sees the current loaction through their right eye with the streamed image superimposed over it. The two sites are brought together in the same instant and captured as still images when visual resonances are observed.