Soundwalk / Klanggang

A man in a hat talking with three woman wearing bridal veils.

Luke Munn and Sam Hamilton

Duration: x minutes
Time Frame: preparation time

Key Locations
Karangahape Road, Auckland
Kottbusser Damm, Berlin

Digital sound recorders, Flash

Short Description
In this project, two field recordings from Auckland and Berlin are created on the same day by walking the length of two iconic streets: K’Road and Kottbusser Damm. These recordings are mapped onto a simple web interface, allowing users to ‘walk’ with Hamilton and Munn, or skip to the next block, re-listen to a passing conversation, or dip in and out. Users may also mix the two recordings together in greater or lesser degrees, highlighting the similarities and differences between the networked sounds / spaces.

Rather than a didactic critique of an overly mobile culture, the project is instead a personal response and celebration of immobility (in the festival sense). Both artists are car-less and deeply interested in their local spaces – some of the most vibrant and interesting in their relative cities. Technology in this case is used to extend and augment the project: providing links between collaborators, interactivity for the audience, and increasing accessibility by making it available online.

Klanggang / Soundwalk was supported and made possible by Aotearoa Digital Arts as part of the ElectroSmog Festival

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