Tasman Tea Party


Conceived and organised by Caro McCaw, with Honor Harger and Adam Hyde (Radioqualia), Jane Curtis (LOUD, Australian Youth Media Festival) (and a large community of artists and organisers. It would be hard to list all the artists that were involved. There were also many institutions and galleries that were supportive.)

1 day

Key Locations
The Honeymoon Suite Art Project Space, Dunedin NZ (Caro McCaw), Canberra AUS (Adam Hyde and Honor Harger), The Pod Newcastle AUS (Jane Curtis)

The Trans Tasman Tea Party was an interactive, collaborative multimedia event simultaneously celebrated in three locations across the Tasman in March 1998

The event encouraged ‘zine-making cut-up and conversation/ online chatting with internet radio simultaneous event across the Tasman and across the net, involving audience participation in activities in three locations.