The Picnic


Conceived and organized by Caro McCaw and over 70 artists and performers (a large community of artists and organisers. It would be hard to list all the artists that were involved. There were also many institutions and galleries that were supportive.)

4 hours

Key Locations
Wellingtion, Christchurch, Dunedin and Port Chalmers

website, webcast video, MUD, face to face conversation

*The Picnic* was a multimedia simultaneous series of performances and installations throughout 4 locations in New Zealand (Wellingtion, Christchurch, Dunedin and Port Chalmers), with corresponding digital events including a website, PicnicMUSH text environment and live webcast performance from Amsterdam. Over 70 artists and performers were involved in the initial event attracting several hundred participants for a period of 4 hours. Works and people were connected through a website, webcast video and a MUD,as well as on site conversation.