Tower of Digital Progress

Justin McComb-Kennedy

This project is a representation of digital progress using architectural forms.

The tower will start off basic with 2D forms signifying the binary as the roots of the digital world. Then it will transition into 3D block-like forms that will start to resemble structure. With the final transition into digital displays embedded within the architecture. This will be achieved using as much recycled materials as possible. The final display is on old IPADS with the only new part being the LED lighting. A mix of colours have been chosen to resemble natural, industrial, and digital tones. The tower will be 400mm square by 1500mm in height.

This piece will help people realize how this digital space is becoming a reality and is built upon a history of natural and technological innovation. My goal is to not only invoke some critical thoughts about this transition and society’s future but also to create something new and interesting.

A sculpture of a large tower with a city at its base