Computer rendered abstract images.A map of Edinburgh.

James Charllton, Nico Refiti, Joe Swann, Stephen Tichawara, Louisa Gibbons. In conjunction with Comob.net


Time Frame
The first iteration of this project was completed in Jan 2010. This is the second and expanded realisation and will run for the duration of Eleactrosmog.

Key Locations
Distributed on iphones globally! Visualizations hosted by AUT Auckland NZ, server side courtesy the University of Edinburgh.

Iphone app sending gps data to server. Data harvested in processing to generate visualizations.

iForm is a process-based work that visualizes 3D forms from GPS data generated by the movement of iphone participants through the landscape. The transcoding of this data into 3D form addresses the anomalies of representation that are inherent in both concrete and time-based media.

Instead of designing 3D form along aesthetic / functional parameters iForm utilizes GPS data as a set of coordinates that determine visual outcome. The GPS co-ordinates are collected from a group of iphones carried by participants using Comob.net software.